Thursday, February 25, 2016

I played a solo guilt mountain last week in New Paltz with Emperor X, an all-time 100% favorite musician of mine. It was real fun.

photo by June
& I'm playing another set at Space Mountain on April 16th.

I finally silkscreened more "YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY" patches! You can get em here: or as always, send me something cool in my p.o. box as a trade.

photo by Morgan
I played a bunch of shows with Real Things in the fall! Played one last week at Present Company Gallery in Brooklyn. Got to play a few songs with Sarah, too, which is the best gift a human could ever be given.
photo by jeff

A live woodstove fire in the room was projected onto the wall the whole time = an opportunity for me to make "feelin the bern" jokes every other minute.

Real Things is playing a bunch of shows coming up, too!

February 27 @ Snugs in New Paltz, NY with Los Doggies
March 2 @ Palisades in Brooklyn, NY with Spit, Cutting Board, and Rye Pines
April 2 @ Harry's Hot Sandwiches in Beacon, NY with Blue Museum
April 9 @ Spark Art Space in Syracuse, NY with Izzy True, Painted Zeroes, The Nudes, Crusher

We made tapes, too! We'll have em at shows if we remember to bring them to the show! This is how it goes! Cruel reality!

photo by Bon
The deadline for applications for the Halifax Radstorm residency is closing in! Broken Pencil asked me a few questions about my experience doing the residency, and wrote up a short thing to remind everyone to go submit an application! Do it!

I have a *~previously unreleased~* song on this tape, sides split between the locals (new paltz, team love <3 label), and the kids across the ocean (margate, kent, UK, sexx tapes label). The tape looks great alongside a late season sunflower, but that was pretty much what we all expected.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I just got back from a 3-week residency in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Supported by the Ink Storm \ Anchor Archive \ Sad Rad collectives, my time was spent working on a new zine & new recordings, exploring Halifax, and meeting some really amazing people.

I played a show\did a reading to celebrate the end of my residency, and silkscreened posters for it. Good friend Dee (Ephemerus, The Bloodwashed Band) played a solo set, new friend Tzomi played, and the lava lamp was in top form the entire night. 

The project I finished is a bundle with a personal zine and a 26-minute tape of recordings. The zine cover and the tape are both silkscreened and the project is in a numbered and limited edition of 100. Intended to be read & listened to at the same time, but do what you feel is right.(Always.) You can order it here if you want it! Also, Team Love has a few copies if you're in New Paltz!

I gave an artist talk & performance sponsored by Visual Arts Nova Scotia at the Deanery in Lower Ships Harbour, Nova Scotia, during my time there, too!

I play drums in a new band (REAL THINGS) with my friends Jeff and Tara! We just recorded an EP with Matt, and you can listen to it here:

I'm playing a show with Guilt Mountain (full band, which means me & Matt!) in a few weeks: Thursday, September 17th at BSP. Playing with Adult Mom, it's gonna be awesome. BSP is doing some ridiculous shows this month. Check out the list above!

I have a new track on a split tape that just came out from Team Love & Sexx Tapes (UK). The Team Love side is all New Paltz bands: Fraternal Twin, Quarterbacks, Pecas, & Guilt Mountain, and the other side is 4 bands from the UK label. You can listen to the songs and\or order the tape here:

Played a show with Izzy True & PWR BTTM in July at Rocket Number Nine Records in Kingston. It was great & those bands are really really doing things right. I'm so happy to have played with them.

& You can now get issues of no better than apples #9, #10, and #11 with Stranger Danger Distro, based out of Chicago. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

I just finished a new issue of no better than apples! It's about a lot of things from my past year of livin', (dealing with chronic illness in my family and myself, touring, the enthralling world of opposite side street parking in cities, fires and bulldozing, self-injection anxiety, healing through metallica, etc). You can order it online or send a few bucks or a nice trade to my p.o. box: kate larson \ p.o. box 1250 \ new paltz, ny 12561.

I'm slowly stocking up stores and distros with it and you can currently find it at Inquiring Minds in New Paltz, Doris distro based out of Athens, Ohio, Boxcar Books in Bloomington, IN, and Bluestockings in NYC. If you're interested in wholesale-ing it with me, get in touch!

I tabled at Chicago Zine Fest, which is always the most overwhelming and the best and the biggest thing in this tiny zine world. I saw a lot of good people and got a lot of good zines, but most importantly, I ate a couple of good arepas at my table (hallmark of a nice time).

I'm playing a show next week w. Guilt Mountain in Kingston at Rocket Number Nine Record Store with Izzy True & PWR BTTM. Gonna be as "cool" and "rockin'" as all the rumors say.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I made a new zine to keep me going while I'm working on a new issue of my personal zine. I did a numbered edition of 50, and they're all gone! I don't even have one! It's full of drawings and random writings (notes on temporary forced non-monogamy as seen in The Bachelor TV show, the universe personified, etc), and maybe I'll do a second run someday!

Matt and I played a guilt mountain set at Team Love with Radiator Hospital and Nice Try! It was a good time, duh.

I was selected as a resident at Roberts St. Social Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia for this year! I'll be there for three weeks this August working on a new project of a new zine and new recordings.

I tabled at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest, it was nice.

Coming up this year I'll be tabling at some other zine fests: Brooklyn Zine Fest in late April, Chicago Zine Fest in early May, and Portland Zine Symposium in Mid-July.

Working on a long-term music project with Sarah where we write & record a song together every time we visit one another. She's in Montreal and I'm here in the Hudson Valley, so it'll be awhile til we get enough songs together to let them roam free in the world, but I'm excited for the day that it finally does happen.

An old Klessa set was posted recently, one from a Plattsburgh show way back in 2011. It's got live recordings of two songs (track 2 & 4) that we had just written and never made it on a proper recording, which is sorta cool! The recording quality is real nice & just done on a cassette recorder.

Monday, January 12, 2015

I did a reading on the SUNY New Paltz campus last month! It was really great to be there and see the zine community starting to grow and flourish on campus. The zine library is located within the campus library, as an extra & alternative resource for incoming students and everyone alike! They're working hard and cataloging all the zines so they can be looked up by subject or author or any way, really, within the college library's database. I'm so elated about it, no joke.

Matt and I played at Market Market with Widowspeak and Pecas for Pecas' album release show! Their album is really amazing, ((spoiler alert))

Go Ogres played at the Ithaca Underground Big Day In #10, with a bunch of other bands that totally blew me away.

I tabled at Boston Zine Fest & sat and answered questions on their "Personal Narratives" panel. Angela played GameBoy and got some shut-eye.

I'm working on issue 11 of No Better Than Apples, currently! Fingers crossed I can do it right.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I played a bunch of shows on tour, drank a lot of seltzer, saw a lot of nice things and met a lot of nice dogs/cats/people. Thanks, tiny pocket of the Northeastern United States!

Then I got home and played shows with Matt in Wassaic & Kingston! Nice.

We're playing a GUILT MTN set on October 8 at Elting Library in New Paltz with Hermit Thrushes (Philly loves) and Breakfast in Fur (local loaves). 9pm after-hours library shenanigans, you know the drill.

I'll be reading on SUNY New Paltz campus on October 28th in the Black Box Theatre. Readings start at 7pm & there's a Q&A afterwards. This is spurred by the New Paltz Zine Collective, and thanks to them there is now a zine library in the campus Sojourner Truth Library! Everything is catalogued and the collection is growing steadily and open to perusing. So cool.

I'll be tabling at Boston Zine Fest this year! I'll also be on their "Personal Narratives" panel on Saturday at 3:30pm. Tabling happens on Sunday, October 12!

Go Ogres are playing The Big Day In in Ithaca this December! Mark yr calendars, it's Saturday, December 6th at the Haunt. Waxahatchee, The Realbads, Perfect Pussy, Math the band, and a whole slew of others are also playing. ~~Should be cozy~~

I played drums for a song on Sarah's new tape, Baby Ice Cream Castle. The whole thing is my favorite thing that's been put out all year, no joke. Order the tape from her to get the bonus B-side 19-minute epic organ jam. Go check it out:

The Le Sigh reviewed my new tape! You can read what they said here:

Monday, June 16, 2014

i'm going on tour starting tomorrow with the best people on the planet, no lie. jordaan, sarah, and i will be these places:

06/17 - nick and cheryl’s house, rochester, ny

06/18 - steve’s house, ithaca, ny 

06/19 - the pallas theatre, pittsburgh, pa

06/20 - the foxhole, baltimore, md

06/21 - random tea house, philadelphia, pa

06/22 - the vandal house (52 new street), newark, nj

06/23 - starship, worcester, ma

06/25 - crackskulls, newmarket, nh

06/26 - eggyworld (#333 in the paragon building), easthampton, ma

06/28 - team love (11 church street), new paltz, ny

06/29 - TBA, new york, ny

06/30 - three sheets, new haven, ct

come see us if you're around any of these spots! i'm hoping to see a hundred old friends and make a hundred new ones.

i just finished a new tape! it's called "hey witch" and you can listen to it/order it/download it (zero dollars, babes) on the bandcamp, or find me out there in the world & get one. they are so blue and so nice. 

tapes of jordaan's cover record: complete with robyn & third eye blind & bjork oh my
i've been glued to the duplicator this past week, but there are good things to show for it!

new run of story zines: now they're gold! i'll have these with me on tour and will put them online for sale when i return. the last ones were just loose cassettes bundled with the zine, but these ones are in poly cases, so they're a little bit safer/less likely to get loose and cause trouble.

mood swings has tapes now, too. they're pink and come with a full-color zine of sarah's watercolors. 

i made a new run of "tiger hour" tapes, too.

guilt mtn pins for your floral denim jacket? okay!

zines (issues 9 & 10) are now back in stock in the following places:

quimby's, have company, elation press distro, pressed zine rack, bluestockings, inquiring minds, team love ravenhouse, twelve oh two distro, cindy crabb's distro, stranger danger distro, food for thought, and copies are now in the papercut zine library

cynthia at le sigh reviewed my latest zine here!

see y'all out in this weird world.