Sunday, March 9, 2014

I just finished a new zine. Ye old yearly task: gather all the words together, get them to make sense on a bunch of pages. It feels harder to do every time, and yet. This one is about a lot of things: making sense of life in remission, getting comfortable with total uncertainty, trying to do as much as possible and remembering every little thing, ever. It's 48 pages with a hand-embossed cover.

I'll be tabling at Chicago Zine Fest this coming weekend! It's at Columbia College at the Conaway Center. Tabling is Saturday the 15th from 11-6, and there are hundreds of zinesters, enough to fill up two floors with a few metric tons of paper and ink, etc. There are sweet events all weekend too, and workshops all day on Saturday. Check out the CZF website for more info!  I'll have my new zine and old ones and if you come talk to me about the movie face/off i'll give you a real deal.

You can order the newbie at, I'll ship them out when I get back. I'll have them in tow for the shows listed below, as well, if you're around any of those areas and wanna come say "hey let me see your feelings" and I'll hand over a zine and that'll be that.

Sarah and i are playing a few shows on our way out there and back, creating a nice little halo around the northeast/midwest.

guilt mountain / s.ayton NO TROLLS 2014 huge mega giant woah world tour
March 11: Alpine, NY (outside ithaca) @ chimney swift (4160 n. schuler road) w/ red sled choir, 7pm
March 17: Toronto, Ontario @ 272 geary ave w/ jordaan mason, 8pm
March 18: Montreal, Quebec @ le cagibi (5490 boul st. laurent) w/ loosestrife, 8pm

Go Ogres played a show in Ithaca with Red Sled Choir, Jordan Morton, and Paper Armies. It was really fun.

I wrote Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction for this collection, which just came out.

It's very blatantly inspired by my crushing desire to go to space. So, like, if you read only one volume of fanfiction this year, it should probably be this one? Definitely. It's so new I'm not sure where you can get one yet, but eventually, you can snag it at

Lily Pepper reviewed issue 9 of my zine, here's what she said.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Go Ogres recorded two songs at Pyramid Studios in Ithaca. It was a good time / the studio had a lounge with a Nintendo in it so, like, you know, we were set. The songs will be on a 7" eventually. Working titles: "Bleach," "Nevermind," "In Utero," "Wife Songs."

We're playing in Ithaca on February 21st at Just Be Cause for Red Sled Choir's CD release show! It's gonna be the best thing that's ever happened to anyone. Exaggerations aside, it's gonna be real nice.

I played last weekend at The Team Love Ravenhouse with some cool cats.

I played a show a couple of weeks ago and projected "spider-man 2" behind me during the set. Cross it off the bucket list, I can die happy, etc.

Other show things happened too, one of them might have been on a local pirate ship made completely of grime.

Another one might be able to be boiled down to me butchering a Liz Phair song in front of a room full of Liz Phair fans. Oh well / no problem / YOLO?

I have a song on the new boytears compilation. You can listen to it here:
The rest of the comp is rad as heck, so listen to the whole dang thing while you're there.

I made more guilt mountain tapes! This batch has an embossed O-card, so these little buddies look extra gaudy. Get em on the bandcamp if you want one.

I finished teaching a course this fall on nonfiction and the memoir! It was really great. Here's a shot of the rough curriculum:

& I'm forever trying to keep up with shipping to distros and stores. Trying

So, zines are now in stock in some new places: Stranger Danger distro in Chicago, Cindy Crabb's distro in Athens, Sleeping Creatures Distro in Brooklyn, and re-stocked at Portland Button Works in Portland, Bluestockings in NYC and In Other Words in Portland. Guilt Mountain tapes are now in stock with Pansy Twist Distro based out of Toronto.

Some people reviewed zines! How nice. Here: a write-up on no better than apples #8, and a review of #9.

I'll be tabling at this year's Chicago Zine Fest in March! I'm currently underway on work on a new zine, aiming to have it ready for then. Fingers crossed, sometimes these sorts of things care little for deadlines. Alas. I'll see you there, right? Oh, good.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hey world,

I made tiger hour tapes! They are black as midnight on a moonless night, stamped with gold ink, full color O-card, blah blah blah. They have a bonus track on em that you can't hear through the interwebs: a cover of an Emperor X song. You can get one for $3 on the bandcamp:

Photo and advanced floral decoration by Lagusta

I played two shows.

I made this flyer for a show at Market Market with Breakfast in Fur. Drawing all those triangles felt really great.

Jesse Stormo took this pic at it. I think it catches the microphone stand princess wand at a real good angle.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lagusta commissioned me to make a banner to celebrate the chocolate shop's 2-year anniversary. I did it in a week (personal challenge! many hours with a rotary cutter at the sewing machine!) and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I used the familiar teal & brown color combo in some nice florals, hand-cut the letters & pennants, and voila. 

Celebration banner. I cut out all the numbers, 1-10, so it can be modified every year until the fiery end of time. 

I am playing a show at the end of the month as Guilt Mountain. It's at BSP in Kingston on the 30th! I'm playing at 10pm. Come if you wanna make me hella nervous. Come if you want to heckle me in public. Come if you wanna throw stuff at me. Just make it soft and/or useful, okay? My friend Matt will be playing drums with me, which is pretty exciting. Don't throw anything at him, please. Thanks, buds.

I went up to Montreal for a week a month ago to see friends, but also got to practice with Sarah. We worked on a pop song that is a far cry from the stuff we recorded in February (, but is so incredibly fun. I can't wait for the day I can share that with y'all.

So, I made these Fleetwood Mac back patches, like I've been threatening to do for years now. A bunch of summers back, I made myself a stencil of this, and made one shirt, sort of as a cathartic souvineer of a stupid breakup, and also as a salute to a band I was listening to too much. Since then, I have gotten lots of positive feedback (largely from middle aged women), and decided to make them for everybody. You can buy em at, or send a trade or a few bucks to my p.o. box, with a note saying what color combo you want (full color list is on storenvy site) Brown florals are all sold out, but everything else is fair game.

The patches, as well as copies of my latest two personal zines, and the games zine are now available at Have Company, a storefront my friend Marlee Grace just opened up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It looks like a total dreamboat of a shop, and I'm so glad to have my stuff there.

Klessa was supposed to play this year's Thing in The Spring in New Hampshire, but we decided to cancel and minimize the stress on all of us to practice and travel and play, etc. Instead we got together in Ithaca for a weekend and swam (for fun) and hugged (for fun) and practiced (for fun.) It was great.

I made this flyer in hopes of finding a lost bathing suit. 

That is all.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I just finished a collection of songs as "guilt mountain," a band that is only me and my misguided recording techniques. 

It includes all the obligatory junk you've come to expect of songs cooked up from bedroom recordings: one gratuitous pick slide, one voicemail track, one song about the weird ice formation that hung off the side of our house for a week. Typical. You can listen to these scrappy lil dudes at Ideal for headphones, but, like, c'mon. No one's gonna do that.

"Album" "art" inspired by Metallica and the arm cast of days past. One in the same, really.

I am teaching a class this fall for the Lifetime Learning Institute on the SUNY New Paltz campus! It's on the craft of non-fiction and the memoir. I've been working on the reading list and curriculum, and I think it's going to be really great! We'll be reading selections from different memoirs, and work on writing and workshopping our own pieces. Get everyone way stoked on writing about their lives, get everyone to read bell hooks & Kate Millett & so on & so forth, get everyone to tell each other their secrets & wacky off-color deep dark feelings. I've got high hopes.

photo by Shauna Roloff
Go Ogres played a show at Angry Mom Records on this year's infamous & blessed holiday of Record Store Day. It was fun! They traded us records for playing! I am a curmudgeon who was very excited about that! Here's a video.

Behold, the 2013 Muffin Subscription varieties, in weird stitched-grid visual representation. 

March's muffin was of the carrot spice persuasion, and April's was strawberry lemon. They're full of gluten, so I didn't eat any, but I heard they were pretty darn good. Baking, right? Muffins, right?

Nick & I have been making our own (soy) yogurt, because: WHY HAVEN'T WE BEEN DOING THIS, ALWAYS? Geez. I feel like I've wasted so much time! Well, look. Yogurt!

It seems that all I talk about these days is yogurt. Glorious yogurt. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We're playing a show to celebrate Record Store Day at Angry Mom Records in Ithaca this Saturday (April 20th) with a bunch of other sweet bands. We're playing at 5:20! Come & buy records / see a great lineup. You have nothing to lose, I know this.

We played a show last weekend at the Chapter House in Ithaca. We played on a tiny stage. There was endless free popcorn provided for everyone. The pinball machine was sort of busted, but I didn't even mind. It was perfect. 

amazing 90's thermal cam shot (fitting) by Grant Johnson
Breakthru radio featured music of ours on their show highlighting Ithaca bands. Sift through their site to stream the show, if you want!

Ryan Eilbeck reviewed some of my zines on his blog. Go forth & read it. Laura-Marie reviewed nbta #9 over on Syndicated Zine Reviews. Check it out. I answered some questions for The New Paltz Oracle & they wrote up a piece on the art show and you can read that here. 

I did a reading at Bluestockings last month and it was amazing. Too crowded for me to really do any serious browsing of their magnificent shelves, which was really the only bummer. The reading was a standing room only / line out the door sorta thing, which felt pretty wild. The 
Vietnamese food feast & ice cream with Carol Adams afterwards, though? That was really where it was at.

I did an interview with Lantern that night & it's up on the internet now. Since it's a hard pill to swallow to see yourself all zoomed in and talking, I'll let y'all seek that one out if you want it. Spoiler alert: I say "feminism" a bunch.

I did a reading in New Paltz last weekend for Defiant Daughters, too. It was fun. I ate ice cream afterwards. Again. That seems to be a theme? It's like I'm in grade school, except instead of getting ice cream after a baseball game, I get it after reading private shit to a bunch of faces, never looking up even once. I miss baseball games. :(

I did a little zine workshop for kids at the Burningtown Maker Space a few weeks ago! It was pretty much the best. Sidenote: being given a budget to spend on zine materials for this sorta event? The dreamiest.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey everybody, here's a lot of stuff!

Chicago Zine Fest was great! Two 15-hour drives barely even made a dent in me and Marena. Drinking deplorable amounts of (even more deplorable) coffee is to be credited heavily. 

This was the truck stop where I got really excited about all the novelty cheap-as-sin children toys you can buy (plastic food, a bag of tiny plastic dinosaurs, more plastic stuff encased in plastic), and saw a souped-up little camaro with "BONECRUSHER" decals all over it. On long drives, you gotta notice this stuff. Make the stops count.

I sold out of the story zines, and started an e-mail list of people who were interested for when/if I make a 2nd run of them. 

If you missed out on the first batch, send me an email ( and I'll send you a message once they are ready!

They were making *free* pour-over coffees down the hall from my table! This is really important to mention, right? I want to make some joke about zinesters and free coffee and how fast the two envelope each other, but all the punch lines feel too obvious/dumb. 

While I was there I fit in a visit to the bean (my favorite large-scale reflective outdoor sculpture in this world) and the SAIC art museum, where I got way too excited about a room full of glass floral paperweights.

photo by Ramsey Beyer
I read way too personal stuff in front of way too many people and didn't even puke! It's the small things that count.

I ate amazing breakfasts, sang karaoke, saw old friends, made new ones, managed to spend lots of time with my brother, and came home with a bunch of new reading material. What's cool about zine fests is that you get to take friends back home with you via their zines. 

small pile of buddies i've started working my way through

Everyone I met was way too kind to me all weekend, and it melted my cold hard heart. Thanks Chicago Zine Fest Organizers, you angels. Thanks Chicago! 

When I returned, I did a reading with Jacinta Bunnell, Cassie J. Sneider, and Nicole J. Georges, and that was real nice! They are amazing. I was so glad to have them in New Paltz and to be able to read alongside of them. 

photo by Cornelia Calder

I also got to work gathering stuff for the Team Love art show when I got back into town. My wall of the show was mostly focused on the creative process behind my last zine: it includes master pages from the zine itself, pages re-constructed into new/different pieces, and pieces and words that didn't make the final cut. I spilled my guts/pinned a lot of tiny stuff to their walls, basically. 

I also have piles of older zine master pages on display, as well as stuff hung up from past zines, and a little "what's a zine?" primer I drew up, for anyone who may be un-acquainted with the medium! Jacinta has some awesome work on the wall adjacent! It's up until May, and they're open Fridays - Sundays from 12-6pm, and by appointment, which they encourage you making.

photos by Sam Schwartz

The opening felt really perfect: a total complete overload of friends and strangers convening to hang out, look at stuff, see Helen Money absolutely tear it up, and (whether they knew it or not) make me feel really great. And eat snacks, which is a major (the most major?) part of what I like about any social gathering.

photo by Cornelia Calder

John Burdick wrote
a piece on me for the Hudson Valley Almanac. In it he likens me to Spalding Gray and Lynda Barry which makes me pretty much explode, as they're some of my favorite writer/artists who live on comfy clouds far above my head. You can read it online if you want (make sure you click the well-hidden "2" at the bottom of the page for the 2nd page of it: otherwise, you'll think the whole thing wraps up rather abruptly), and it's in the print Almanac, too!

I'll be teaching a zine-making workshop to kids at next week's Burningtown Makerspace "Maker Meet-up!" It's on Tuesday, March 26th, from 2:30 to 6:30 at the Marbletown Multi-Arts Center in Stone Ridge. It's for kids ages 5-14 (and kids at heart, duh), and I'll be there with paper and markers and glue and glitter and encouragement and everything you need to put your creativity to work on a zine! I'm really really excited about this. Really.

My zines are at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Indiana, now. If you're around those parts you could go visit them there, then go eat really good thai food at that place I can't remember the name of! How helpful. My latest zine is also now in stock with TwelveOhTwo zine distro, based out of Toronto.

Go Ogres are playing a show in Ithaca at the Chapter House on April 6th. More details on that when I've got them.

Before I went to Chicago, I made a mini how-to zine all about the practice of crystal hunting. The how/what/why/when/where of it all, because nothing's more satisfying than pulling a quartz crystal straight outta the earth, you know? Read up/get wise/start your own jar of foraged crystals, ASAP. I made them to accompany the "I'd rather be crystal hunting" t-shirts I made once upon a time. I'll be printing up another run of those one of these days!

The Defiant Daughters
books have been printed and are out there in the world now! Neatest thing ever to see your own name & words in print and not having to hang over the photocopier to get it all made. And to be in a book with so many other amazing women writing about the important stuff? Pretty sweet.

inexcusably bad cell phone picture by me

Get a copy if you want, and support/nurture the tiny (or maybe sizeable) angry vegan feminist that lives deep inside your gut. 

I'm reading this Friday night at Bluestockings In New York City for the Defiant Daughters book launch at 7pm! Jasmin Singer, Vidushi Sharma, Lagusta Yearwood, and Carol J. Adams are also reading! Should be great.