Friday, May 7, 2010

upcoming shows:

guilt mountain:
1/26/18: otto & nana's (new paltz, ny)
2/16/18: colony woodstock (woodstock, ny) with laura stevenson, kevin devine
3/9/18: nacho house (new paltz, ny)

past shows:

guilt mountain:

10/19/17: bsp (kingston, ny) with tica douglas, roz & the rice cakes
10/6/17: the yacht club (new paltz, ny) with space cadette, fear not ourselves alone
9/1/17: studio boobz (montreal, quebec) with s.ayton
8/30/17: doors pub (hamilton, ontario) with rooms, max the lesser, s.ayton
8/28/17: spit house (syracuse, ny) with calm coffins, s.ayton
8/27/17: LAVA space (philadelphia, pa) with maryn jones, the goodbye party, s.ayton
8/26/17: commissary (new paltz, ny) with adult mom, s.ayton
7/29/17: bsp (kingston, ny) with breakfast in fur, shana falana
6/10/17: the thing in the spring (peterborough, nh) with diane cluck
5/13/17: commissary (new paltz, ny) with tica douglas, giant peach
5/11/17: mom's (new paltz, ny) with izzy true
5/4/17: taco's shack (new paltz, ny) with tiny blue ghost, loner spring, cherry, girl gaze
3/31/17: BSP (kingston, ny) with laura stevenson, nightmares for a week
2/25/17: fizzie's (new paltz, ny) with flower housewife
1/16/17: spit house (syracuse, ny) with erik savage, sarah m.
11/17/16: suny new paltz (new paltz, ny) with slingshot dakota, tiny blue ghost
8/28/16: commissary (new paltz, ny) with izzy true, long beard
5/20/16: tweehouse (ithaca, ny) with tiffany's house, howlo, slumbers
2/9/16: space mountain (new paltz, ny) with emperor x
9/17/15: BSP (kingston, ny) with adult mom
8/29/15: radstorm (halifax, nova scotia) with dee, auntie pathy
6/30/15: rocket number nine records (kingston, ny) with izzy true, PWR BTTM
3/22/15: team love ravenhouse (new paltz, ny) with radiator hospital, nice try
11/22/14: market market (rosendale, ny) with pecas, widowspeak
10/8/14: elting memorial library (new paltz, ny) with breakfast in fur, hermit thrushes
8/8/14: the lantern (wassaic, ny) with the tammys
8/7/14: BSP (kingston, ny) with early riser
6/30/14: three sheets (new haven, ct) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/28/14: team love ravenhouse (new paltz, ny) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/26/14: eggyworld (easthampton, ma) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/25/14: crackskulls (new market, nh) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/23/14: the starship (worcester, ma) with jordaan mason, s.ayton, loone
6/22/14: the vandal house (newark, nj) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/21/14: random tea house (philadelphia, pa) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/20/14: the foxhole (baltimore, md) with jordaan mason, s.ayton, alain ginsberg
6/19/14: the pallas theatre (pittsburgh, pa) with jordaan mason, s.ayton, parasol
6/18/14: steve's house (ithaca, ny) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
6/17/14: nick and cheryl's (rochester, ny) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
3/18/14: le cagibi (montreal, quebec) with loosestrife, s.ayton
3/17/14: geary ave (toronto, ontario) with jordaan mason, s.ayton
3/11/14: chimney swift (ithaca, ny) with s.ayton, red sled choir
1/31/14: team love ravenhouse (new paltz, ny) with free cake for every creature, radiator hospital
1/25/14: elting memorial library (new paltz, ny) with carousel, kerplanda, 3dcosby
9/14/13: snugs (new paltz, ny) with los doggies
8/31/13: market market (rosendale, ny) with breakfast in fur
7/30/13: BSP (kingston, ny) with beach arabs

real things:
6/17/17: woodstock farm sanctuary (high falls, ny)
12/2/16: chippy's (new paltz, ny) with bad heaven, fraternal twin, russel the leaf
11/30/16: spit house (syracuse, ny) with the nudes, green dreams, mannequin pussy
9/14/16: sunnyvale (brooklyn, ny) with boon, thelma
9/2/16: bacchus (new paltz, ny) with dante defelice
8/30/17: BSP (kingston, ny) with big eyes
6/14/17: shea stadium (brooklyn, ny) with spit
5/16/16: palisades (new york, ny) with pet cemetary, no shoes
4/19/16: suny new paltz (new paltz, ny) with painted zeros
4/9/16: spark art space (syracuse, ny) with the nudes, painted zeros, izzy true, crusher
4/2/16: harry's (beacon, ny) with blue museum
3/2/16: palisades (new york, ny) with spit, rye pines
2/27/16: snugs (new paltz, ny) with los doggies
2/26/16: present company (new york, ny) with s.ayton, pigeons
12/14/16: palisades (new york, ny) with kino kimino, juliet k, crosshead
11/21/15: the cake shop (new york, ny) with wing dam, post pink
11/10/15: pete's candy store (brooklyn, ny)
11/9/15: the bowery electric (new york, ny) 
7/6/15: pianos (new york, ny) with pep


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