Thursday, February 10, 2011

I just finished a new zine. This is something that admittedly takes me far too long, as I am poor at using discretion, and hacking through a year of words is a big task for the head that produced them in the first place. It's sort of like telling your children which ones will make it onto the lifeboat, but of course, not as dramatic. They're just words, after all. Right?

Anyways, what I managed to produce is 72 quarter-sized pages long. That's almost double the length of any of my previous attempts, which is letting me know I am either leaving less on the cutting room floor, or my head has been working overtime this past year. I'm leaning towards the latter. Issue 7 is in an edition of 300 copies, in hopes that I won't run out anytime soon. The cover is a 3 layer silkscreen in a ton of color choices that I slaved over in my kitchen-turned-screenprinting-studio. There is nothing quite as satisfying as converting your living space into a functional art studio, and being able to create in comforts.

I have been mailing out so many copies daily, and using my cake stand as a deck for outgoing mail.

It works beautifully, except that it only makes it more clear to me: I HAVE NOT BAKED ANYTHING WORTHY OF THE CAKE STAND LATELY. This is sad, but there have been too many other projects afoot. Enormous vegan cinnamon buns will just have to wait their turn.

Aside from the paws of friends, these things can also soon be found on the shelves of darling independent bookstores. Quimby's in Chicago, Bluestockings in New York, In Other Words in Portland, and Inquiring Minds Bookstore in New Paltz, to start. Support me AND freaking incredible independent bookstores at THE SAME TIME! What could be better? I'll update on the status of them at those and other bookstores as I know it.

I'm going to post about back issues of zines, if and how you can get them, as well as information on their contents and timeframes soon. It will be exercise for my memory as well a lesson in "how much mortification I can absorb and remain composed underneath." I started making zines in 2004, and that both feels and looks like so very long ago. If I'm still around in 2018, I'm sure I'll be cringing about this current one. Life is funny like that.

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