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no better than apples 11 (spring 2015)

Personal zine, includes writing about: dealing with chronic illness in my family and myself, touring, new growth, the enthralling world of opposite side street parking in cities, fires and bulldozing, self-injection anxiety, healing through metallica, etc.
Embossed cover / Available / $3

napquest zine (spring 2015)

A quarter-sized mini-zine of drawings & writing.
Shortly & sweetly & very very briefly covers topics of: the universe, the bachelor TV franchise, hypnosis, etc.
24 pages, with vellum & cardstock cover.

first numbered edition of 50 \ sold out
second printing \ available \ $3

no better than apples 10 (winter 2014)

 A year pasted down on paper through caramel burns, making sense of life in remission, staring at the moon, keeping calm by all means, and remembering every little thing, ever. 
Embossed cover / Available / $3

no better than apples 09 (winter 2013)

This zine focuses on my health this past year: through a sudden hospitalization followed by lots of panic, adjustments, questions, doctor appointments, a diagnosis, and friends keeping me together. 

First printing with silkscreened cover \ sold out
Second printing \ Available \ $3 

"STORIES" zine & cassette duo

An audio cassette & zine bundle: 13 true-life stories told by 13 different friends, all recorded and compiled onto a tape for prime listening purposes. The zine includes 120mm portraits of all the storytellers, taken on the day of the story's recording, and information on them to follow along with as you listen. Each tape is hand-stamped with gold ink, and runs 98 minutes long. 
Available / $5

A death in the family, a bedazzled arm cast, serotonin, touring, pine cones, crystal hunting, misguided advice, total elation.

Silkscreened cover edition of 500 / Out of Print

A collection of writing through the lens of a rough year, about travels, seasons, unlikely meetings, orchards, chronic illness, movement, and more. 

Silkscreened cover edition of 300 / Out of print / $3 

GAMES zine (winter 2011)

A zine with instructions on 24 different games that can be played with minimal to no equipment. Some made up by me and my friends, some inherited from people we've met along the way. Classics like "Secret Knucks" and "The Village" included, as well as newer games like "Brackets" and "Mark Simpson." Illustrations, index in back. Cover by Simon Thrasher.

Currently unavailable / $3

no better than apples 06 (winter 2010)

Subtitled "piecemeal," this zine focuses on uprootings: from my place of residence, my comforts, a long-term relationship, and my friends. Includes a tour diary of sorts, paint samples & uncertainty throughout.

Silkscreened cover edition of 150 / Out of print

no better than apples 05 (winter 2009)

Months of journal entries, transcribed exactly, with drawings to accompany. Mostly cataloging a summer spent driving across the country with my best friend working on organic farms and doing and seeing as much as we could. This zine largely focuses on the questions that arise when you move away from what you've made as your home and see what else is out there, and then have to figure out where you fit inside of it all.

Out of print

no better than apples 04 (spring 2008)

 A trip to the west coast, familial estrangement, monochromatic snack parties, drinking too much in Los Angeles, the flood that almost ate us.

 Out of print

2006 zine (spring 2007)

A collective zine I curated, in which I randomly drew months for 12 of my friends and asked them to contribute some pages concerning that month in any way they saw fit. The result is a recollection of the 2006 year from many diverse perspectives, taking the form of journal entries, comics, poetry, and fiction. Contibutors include: Eric Ayotte, Jeffrey Canino, April Rose, Alan Lefevre, Matt Gordon, Simon Thrasher, Dominic Armao, Rachel Stedman, Kate Larson, Alan Resnick, Cheryl Ernst, and Jared Larson. Cover drawn by Alan Resnick.

Silkscreened cover edition of 200 / Out of print

no better than apples 03 (summer 2007)

A zine split into the sub categories of loss and libraries. Libraries includes stories/thoughts about the institution and what it has meant to and for me and my life. Loss is broken up into five geographical states, in which I experienced different forms of loss over the year it was written.

Silkscreened cover edition of 50 / out of print 
Photocopied cover additional edition of 50 / out of print

no better than apples 02 (summer 2006)

Ruminations on cats and female solidarity, overworking myself during the college semester, general praise of friends, and much more all held together with lots of hand-printed black and white photographs of mine and lots of illustrations by Alan Resnick. Also includes some fiction: a plague of locusts, my personal obituary written by Peter Jones.

Out of print

no better than apples 01 (summer 2005)

My first personal zine. Includes a travelogue of time spent in Amsterdam, Finland, and Latvia, portions of dreams re-worked in prose, small personal stories, and a anatomical ode to everyone who meant a lot to me at the time of its printing. 

Out of print