Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm right in the midst of an art project I'm calling "Dear Mariah," involving writing and mailing a letter to Mariah Carey every day in the month of July. It's been keeping me very busy, as well as keeping me from being a good pen-pal to my real-er friends. Them's the breaks. I scan them before I send them on their way, and post them all for you to read! Play catch-up/reminisce here:http://dearestmariah.tumblr.com
And here's a sample:

In all fairness, they're usually a bit wordier than that one.

Awosting Alchemy adopted a few for their issue this month, so go check them out along with a bunch of other great words & art at http://awostingalchemy.com/

There's a new Hudson Galaxy Gazette this month, too! (Of course.)

Amanda Altobelli did the art for the print calendar, and there's a whole slew of great things to do. I'm hosting writing groups, game nights, a mixtape trade, and a show. Check out the calendar and all the happenings at http://www.hudsongalaxygazette.com
The months seem to be just flying by, and we are already at work at August's.

My zines (NBTA #7 and Games) are now available for purchase at the Team Love Ravenhouse right in downtown New Paltz. They've got a really sweet exhibition up until mid-August, so go look at Abigail Dillen's paintings, browse records and wares, and eyeball my zines!

I also have the Games Zine now in stock at Inquiring Minds Bookstore in New Paltz. If you want to order one online, here's a handly paypal button just for you.

it's $3.

I'm going on a small tour at the end of the month with some of the best people I know. It's sort of just a ploy/excuse for us to hang out with eachother for a buncha days, but you don't mind. We're only hitting up a few places, so come see us if you can! Sarah Ayton and Jordaan Mason are playing all shows, which is going to really crumble walls/melt skin off of faces. They're Canadian and stuff, so they aren't around these parts all that much, so REALLY: don't miss your chance to catch these gems. Oh, and & I'm doing readings at all of them, too.

July 25th: Rochester, NY @ The Bronze w/ Marco Polio & Ben Morey, 6pm potluck/7pm show
July 26th: Ithaca, NY @ Waffle Frolic
July 27th: New Paltz, NY @ Elting Memorial Library w/ SubPixel, 8:30pm

I made a flyer for the New Paltz show, and here it is:

Also, just a reminder: the "Underground" exhibit is now up at the Woman-made Gallery in Chicago. Go check it out! I've got stuff in it, and my zines are available for purchase there as well. Click here to check out the exhibition details/see samples of work.

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