Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last month's mini-tour with best buddies Jordaan & Sarah went real swell. The readings I did ended up comprising of 5 topically labelled envelopes that I let the audience choose from. Inside each was a piece to be read and a prop to be used in one way or another.
My friend Ben took this picture of me while I was hanging up the envelopes at the Rochester show, pre-reading. Hire him to take YOUR glamour shots!
When Sarah and I get to spend time together, we usually try to make as many batches of pancakes as we can. This time was no exception, and we also worked in a fancypants dinner-time savory cakes cooking session. Scallion-zucchini-buckwheat savorycakes with basil maple glazed kale on top, and mustard-agave carrot&cabbage slaw on the side. I'm hoping to write up a food blog about it soon, but for now, here's a picture of a finished dinner plate.
I was asked to design a new bookmark for the bookstore I work at, which had me diving into the realms of graphic design/computer formatting more than usual. To avoid the perils of having to choose a font, I hand-wrote all the words and hand-drew everything else! One side is for the New Paltz store, and one side is for the Saugerties store. When they get printed, I'll share pictures of me splashing around in giant boxes full of them.
The Saugerties side graphic was inspired by a sign I had made for the New Paltz store's gardening section.
Over the time that I've been working there, when things would get a little slow, I would brew up a sign to spruce up the store and help people find their way through the stacks, since we've got quite a lot crammed into our space! I thought I'd photograph a few and share them! Here are a few:
I realized I forgot to take a picture of my sign for the zines section, ironically enough. Maybe later, maybe never? Just come into the bookstore and see it, okay?
My Mariah Carey letter project has officially come and gone. I do still feel compelled to write to her and tell her things from time to time, though. My last letter to her included a cover that I did with a crew of friends of "Fantasy," her roller-coaster feel-good crushin-on-errryone hit of the mid-90s. You can listen to it at the blog: Sarah dished out Mariah's main vocals, Matt recorded/produced/edited it, and played guitar and made the beats. I played guitar and synthesizer, and we all plus a few more friends did the choir vocals. Give it a listen, and check out any letters you may have missed! If anyone's curious, I haven't heard back from her. Yet. If you see her around, ask her to please dig around in her mailbox.
I just got back from a full week working at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in Brooklyn! It was an incredible experience, and probably one of the raddest programs on the face of the earth. I taught guitar classes every morning, and did band coaching each afternoon. Every day the coolest girls ever get instrument instruction, go to workshops on varying topics like radical self-defense, protest art, soundchecking, gender, songwriting, and alternative careers in music, have visiting performers during lunchtime, and have band practice with the bands they form on the first day of camp. They also design their own band art during the week and silkscreen shirts for themselves and to sell for merch during the showcase. They do and learn so much, and rock so freaking hard it's UNBELIEVABLE. Really. The week culminates with all the bands playing a big showcase at the end of the week! Check out for more information.
The Hudson Galaxy Gazette has continued to be in full swing. Last month I hosted a mixtape trade, writing club, band-in-a-hat show, and organizer potluck. Giulia Fleishman designed the calendar, and it was a beauty! Sorry I'm late on sharing it, but here is the August calendar:
This month I'm taking a little bit of an organizing break in favor of some much-needed self-care, but am hosting a mixtape trade and a zine night! Kaitlin Van Pelt drew up the September calendar. Soon they'll be printed out and all over the place, but for now, here's the image:
Check out the Hudson Galaxy Gazette website for more information, updates on past events, ways to get involved, and more!
The band-in-a-hat show ended up going really well! There were 5 bands total. My band ended up being a two-piece in the end, due to scheduling and life conflicts. Matt and I pressed onwards regardless, as "Don't Follow Us, We'll Fuck You Up," name inspired by a funny/strange late-night swimming hole jeep peel-out we had experienced a few days prior. We dug out matching outfits and employed a monster sampler, two guitars, two microphones, and a synthesizer to play our set. There was lots of vocoder vocals, rapping, an improvised song about wrestlemania, a blatant synth dance song, a Hall & Oates cover, streamers, and lots of lies told.

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