Monday, February 27, 2012

Klessa heads out on a little tour next week. Catch us in these places:

3/7 - Peterborough, NH @ Toadstool Bookshop with Redwing Blackbird and Shea Vaccaro
3/8 - Amherst, MA @ Mystery Train with Redwing Blackbird
3/9 - Burlington, VT with Redwing Blackbird
3/10 - Brattleboro, VT @ Headroom Stages with MV&EE and Redwing Blackbird
3/11 - New Paltz, NY @ Earwaker
3/11 - New Paltz, NY @ 12 Martins Lane with Breakfast in Fur and Mike Hollis

Here's an extended frame I took of our last practice session:

We all gathered in the Hudson Valley and camped out for days last month, playing music, but mostly eating. I played a lot of one-handed piano, and attempted some one-handed drums. One-handed by necessity rather than choice: I went snowboarding (on the one snowy weekend in January: remember that one?) and broke my wrist at the end of a really amazing day. Nothing says "band practice" like driving me to Newburgh to get a purple cast put on my arm. Friendship! Thanks, pals.

The cast junk isn't really creative or interesting, but it has made my life a bit tricky, so I'm sharing it with the underlying excuse that i haven't done much in the last month because of my hulking cast/pulsing pain. Or, alternatively, I have taken great pains to perform mediocrely at things I wish I could've gone full force on: i.e. the piano solo in "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)" by Squeeze that I one-handed butchered in live performance.

However, I DID have my friend Marena hot glue a metric ton of rhinestones to my cast, so the whole thing wasn't a total wash. Behold, her masterpiece:

It's off now, and I feel really boring in its absence, wearing a brace for another few weeks while I try to regain wrist functionality. It's coming along slowly but surely.

I was asked to make a flyer for this upcoming show at Market Market, and I'm so glad. Sometimes it's hard to find the time in your life to recreationally draw pine cones. You understand.

My pine cone model was from a douglas fir, and was sent to me in the mail from the west coast years ago. Such a champ. This is my best buddy SubPixel's tape release show! Come to it if you know what's good for you.

Oh, I cross-stitched the Hudson Galaxy Gazette February calendar! Mostly with one hand, as it goes. Here it is:

I've started the preliminary drafting work for a new zine. This typically engulfs my life, and it means a lot of drawing, sifting through several journals/gmail drafts/scraps of paper I've jotted cold hard feelings onto, transcribing 'til my fingertips straight-up-revolt and stop wiggling, etc. It's a fun/productive/exciting process, but it's also one that always breaks me a bit, faces me up with parts of myself that I have tucked away in aforementioned notebooks for the past year or so, so it's not all endearing and saccharine. Plus: I gave up my pesky black coffee addiction last September, so let's see if I can complete a zine without the stuff. I usually require gallons of it to keep me focused and spry. My decaffeinated success rate, to be determined.

I've started playing in a new project that I'm really excited about. The first song we wrote was about Jeremy Lin. People are into Jeremy Lin, right? I hope it still has a charmed quality of sorts a few months down the line. If not, I hope people scoff at us for being so behind the times. Win/win, basically. I hope to start playing shows immediately to catch the wave while it still exists. But Jeremy Lin, what a guy, right? I haven't watched him play basketball for a second, but I am perhaps way too into his story and how nice of a guy he is. How many times do you think you have to put "Jeremy Lin" in a blog post before it shows up on his Google alert?

Winter can be rough. The weather hasn't been too harsh here, but for some reason all the toughest life stuff has been bunching up these past few months for me, in every incarnation. A lot of time spent just trying to make it through in tact. Take care of yourselves, okay? Take care of each other.

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