Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last month's Klessa tour went really well, as it always (super luckily) tends to. Many thanks to all who housed us/fed us/listened so intently/said nice things. Over four states we played in a bookstore, a record store, a proper venue, a beautiful shed, two houses, a gazebo, and taught a first grade class all about our instruments.

We also played a few songs for kids of a bunch of grades at High Meadow school in Stone Ridge, having the foresight to modify some of our more unsavory lyrics like "under echo mountain, there's a bear in a coat of our skin" to things with a little more bounce: "under echo mountain, there's a bear in a coat of orchids." Let the children learn of inter-species skin-trades on their OWN time, you know? Well, it felt really responsible at the time. Some things I learned from them: it is preposterous that the musical alphabet only goes up to "G," drums are like, so fun to play (I guess I knew this already), and children are pretty dang magical beings. I knew that too, but a little reinforcement never hurts.

Before we left I silkscreened shirts to take with us, using some art from Matt Gordon. Angela and Marena helped out, and in the end, they looked pretty darn good. Some were made into belly shirts, because, let's get real. Belly shirts.

We had pins made to take with us on the road, too! Using Kaitlin Van Pelt's darling drawing of us from her New Paltz music scene alphabet. They look real nice. Derek over at Bit Part Buttons whipped them up for us, so do contact him if you need buttons and want a super great guy to make 'em for you!

I dropped zines off at a couple of places on tour: they can now be found at the ultra-dreamy Food For Thought books in Amherst, Massachusetts, and re-stocked at the lovely Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Months ago, my housemate Matt mashed together a 12-piece ensemble to cover 12 David Bowie songs, and last weekend was the culminating one-off show for it. We all practiced hardcore as much as we could in the week prior, and it ended up being quite the night. I played flute and electric guitar in the group, and the rest was comprised of super buddies playing mandolin, synthesizer, drums, accordian, cello, acoustic guitar, organ, bass, percussion, and yet another flute (for the record: flute harmonies = the absolute dreamiest.) Everyone sang when they could, with a few people taking the lead here and there. It was at Market Market in Rosendale, and the whole place was packed solid, no elbow room that I could see, with officially the most people in attendance than they'd ever seen before. The cops even called! Fire codes be damned! The power of David Bowie prevails.

photo courtesy of the DeVivo archives

It was a great night, but now that it's over and I have no REAL excuse to play the killer guitar riffs in "I'm afraid of Americans," life is admittedly a little bit dimmer.

DIY Plattsburgh interviewed me last month for their blog, so go and check me out: ranting about DIY ethics and shamelessly raving over the things I like, all while accompanied by a picture of me hella enthused with a melon truck we stumbled upon in Nashville two summers ago: Click here.

I have begun real work on laying out a new personal zine, so hopefully by the end of April I might have one all together. I spent hours today in the sun hand-lettering pages and pages, and have been drawing up a little storm. Hopefully this one will be good, right? What a bummer it would be if it sucked, right? Oh, dear, right?

My new band (with friends Amanda and Angela) is playing our first show next Sunday (Easter Sunday!) at Snugs in New Paltz. Come if you're in town, my friend Leslie's band Dirty Mouth is on tour from Ohio and they're pretty killer. Los Doggies are also playing: putting together a strictly 90's cover set that is sure to be the most fun ever. We're called Go Ogres, and the whole shebang starts early at 8pm.

This weather has been really amazing lately, allowing for lots of night bike rides and incredibly short short wearing. I booked the Wham City comedy tour two nights ago so I got to spend time with Baltimore friends AND laugh a whole dang lot. My wrist is probably at 80% strength by now, making guitar riffs and vegetable chopping more of a breeze than ever. I've been reading some really great things and getting really good mail. My car bit the dust but I'll find a new one, right? It's not worth worrying over this kind of stuff. I'm surrounded by good people all of the time and I'm excited about so many things to come. I hope you're all feeling this way, too.

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