Saturday, May 26, 2012

Go Ogres tapes are here in our hands! Check 'em out, I think they're beauties. They're $3, sound pretty fly, and you can order one off of bandcamp, or just mail me $5 (includes shipping) and cut paypal outta the equation completely.

I've got a new P.O. Box that i'm dying to harvest from! You can send any orders/letters/old receipts/feathers to:
Kate Larson
P.O. Box 1250
New Paltz, NY 12561

So, my new zine is finally DONE and I am still alive. It only supremely twisted my head up and around for a few months, no big. I'm currently dealing with the psychic labyrinth that peeks out from seemingly nowhere when you release cold hard feelings out into the universe, into people's mailboxes. It ended up being 64 pages, quarter-sized, with a three-layer silkscreened cardstock cover. If you'd like one, they are 3 dollars. If you're local, just send me an e-mail(teamkateatgmaildotcom) and I can deliver! Or, you can use this paypal button, or mail me well-concealed cash ($5 total with shipping!) and a note with what you want, and a doodle of your favorite celebrity (latter not mandatory, but encouraged.)

Since I am a neurotic beast/control freak of nature, I silkscreened the graph pattern on to all the covers when I could not find cardstock that was pre-gridded. DIY graph cardstock! Taking the ethic too far? Anyways, it's a celebration of my favorite kind of paper, and doing all those boxy ink pulls felt oddly satisfying, deep in the gut.

I've begun shipping them out, and so many of my spare moments lately have been spent wrestling with the packing tape, and writing little notes to go inside all of 'em. The next step will be mailing them out to stores and distros. Here's a look at the first pile to go out in the mail: containing both zine shipments and cassette pre-orders. My post office receipt was almost as tall as I am.

If you're in New Paltz, you can find them currently at Inquiring Minds Bookstore, at 6 Church Street, along with some back issues and a million other sweet books.

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  1. I didn't know you had them at your work. I need to get my hands on some of these. No chance of any of the games zines available? I think you need to do a re-print of that one. I missed that ship. I'm glad you're still keeping it real.