Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby updates because who even READS on the internet anymore, anyways?

I've got a bummer of a poem in next month's Chronogram magazine. If you feel like it, pick one up when you see it, because copies of those things tend to fly. & because you NEED to see your month's horoscope, which will be eerily correct, because it always is, and because it always creeps you out.

I started a new letter-writing project. A little bruised from Mariah never writing me back, (what gives?) I've moved onto the next logical step: praising or berating corporations or businesses with my complicated FEELINGS. Keep up with them at:

The rad folks at Lantern Books blogged about my zines! They asked me to write a piece for an upcoming anthology they're publishing, so I, like, did! More news on that as it happens. But check out the blog post here.

My latest zine is now also available at Atomic Books in Baltimore, and at the Team Love RavenHouse in New Paltz. Slowly but surely getting those things out into this scary world.

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