Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Go Ogres is playing a show this Friday in New Paltz! We're playing with buddies 3DCosby & QUARTERBACKS. It's our drummer Angela's birthday, so come out to it! Bring her cake/offerings, if you're a pure and good soul. I made this quick flyer for it!

We'll have shirts for sale at the show. I just silkscreened a big bundle of em, all sizes and colors! All with the three blindly-rendered Jerry Seinfelds on them. 

There's even sweatshirts, and a SINGLE tote bag. Because what kind of a band are you if you don't have at least one tote bag for sale?

That was a trick question. No extra charge for all the wrinkles!

We played a show with Margy Pepper (best band ever) last month and it was pretty darn swell. Here's the belated flyer, made by Dean Engle:

Zines are stocked in new places now. You can now get em at Portland Button Works, Quimby's, Bluestockings, and Cindy Crabb's Distro. & Then they're still available at the old standbys: Atomic Books, Inquiring Minds Bookstore, Team Love Ravenhouse, in  Twelve Oh Two Distro.

There's new unsolicited mail up, too! I just wrote a letter to Joss Whedon and was a little pushy and demanding, all the while totally doting on him. I could probably write him a letter every day for at least a few months, I realize. Don't be surprised if this happens, please. I just really appreciate him!

I'm finally getting around to putting some things up on etsy. "Jewelry" I made it a bit ago to sell at the BROKE Affordable Arts Fair in New Hampshire. Here's a peek. 

Film, crystals, and Twin Peaks. Isn't that really all the stuff that life is made up of?

Due to a bullying influx of tomatoes from our farm share, I tried my hand at making ketchup from scratch the other week. It went okay! Spoiler alert: I ended up with ketchup.

Go check out the process at my food blog: FOOD CATS.

And since when it rains farm share tomatoes, it pours farm share tomatoes (also: farm share hot peppers & plums), I spent a night taking care of some of it before it all rose up and turned against me (as obviously vegetables are ought to do if their numbers swell too much). I made picked hot peppers, balsamic plum-lemon syrup, and blanched tomatoes (to be pureed and frozen for FUTURE use). The whole crew, left to right:

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