Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Buddies, I just finished a new zine. 

If you want a copy, I want you to have it. If you're local, find me & I'll give you one! So easy. Also, barters are the warmest, reddest way into my cold heart: so bring. it. on.

If you need it mailed to you, paypal me a couple bucks ( to cover postage, if you can swing it. I'm also open to any zine trades / creative exchanges sent to my p.o. box (p.o. box 1250, new paltz, ny 12561), or you can send decently-concealed cash to the p.o. box, too. Formal internet storefronts aren't really my jam, but because it's 2013, I made a site that you can order through pretty dang easily: And if you're broke, send me an e-mail and I'll mail it out to you, no problem.

So, I wrote it and laid it out and spent days off doing little else but working on it. I silkscreened all the covers with glittery gold and metallic silver ink, the former of which had me rabid, running around my house so incredibly elated, buzzing. GOLD ink. I don't know why I waited so long to just buy the stuff. It seems so obvious, now.

This annual act of zine-finishing usually has me: pumping my arms triumphantly / jumping into cold bodies of mountain-flowing water if it's seasonally appropriate / riding my bike at warp-speed around this town at midnight to deliver to mailboxes and front porches. It generally brings on an ecstatic sense of satisfaction that is unrivaled by most everything else in the days prior and following. It doesn't really feel that way this time.

For most of the past year, my choices and experiences have all been pretty heavily informed by what came on as a very sudden illness. Learning to process and live with it, as well as accept support and take better care of myself has been my priority ever since. It has been a weird time, and I've learned so much, so fast. Because I'm still learning to get a grip on it, and because it's all still in progress, sharing this stuff feels kind of scary.

That being said, I am sharing the scary stuff because it's important to do this. Because we're all here on this earth and sometimes it's a total drag but it doesn't have to be. Maybe laying this bad shit out in front of each other is all it takes.

I've been mailing out orders every day, so everyone should either have them in their hands now, or be getting 'em very soon. I made an envelope and packed one up this morning in two minutes flat. I might be a robot? Would you guys tell me if I was?

I'll have a bunch of them with me at Chicago Zine Fest on March 9th. Tabling is from 11-6 at Columbia College's Conaway Center, downtown. In preparation for this, my life is mostly made of paper.

When I put my copies in the passenger seat of my car on the way home from making them, my car beeps because it thinks they are a person who is not buckled in. They are that heavy? Technology is weird.

I'm doing a bunch of readings in the coming months:

3/8: Chicago, IL @ 826 CHI w/others TBA (Chicago Zine Fest reading)
3/14: New Paltz, NY @ Inquiring Minds Bookstore w/ Nicole J. Georges, Cassie Sneider, & Jacinta Bunnell
3/22: New York, NY @ Bluestockings w/ Carol J. Adams, Jasmin Singer, & Lagusta Yearwood (Defiant Daughters launch party)
4/13: New Paltz, NY @ Inquiring Minds Bookstore w/ Jasmin Singer, & Lagusta Yearwood (Defiant Daughters reading)

Angry Mom Records is putting out a Go Ogres 7" this spring! We have to write a new song or two for it! Then we have to record those songs! It's a process, but eventually we'll have *fresh wax* *baller lps* *hot vinyl* *other made-up record slang* for at least 300 of you. 

We have a facebook page now, which feels funny, but is totally what everybody's doing. "Like" it? Or don't? Who cares? (Pandering for likes on the internet IS THE WORST, so do what you wanna do, okay? Y'all are mad autonomous. Also, beautiful.)

And here's a really horrible shot of us playing at the Haunt in Ithaca last month!

The Defiant Daughters galleys have been printed (!) and don't they look all nice:

Spoiler alert: the insides ain't so bad, either.

For the Holidays this year, I gifted my mom and brother a 2013 Muffin Subscription, meaning that I am baking them a batch of muffins each month, and shipping them out. Last month was blueberry, this month is lemon poppyseed! My mom and brother aren't vegan, but the muffins are, because, duh.

My friend Nick and I took Valentine's Day into our own hands this year and made a collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer e-Valentines for all of your complex expressive needs. They are actually horribly specific and not good for much of anyone!

We have a feeling they'll age really well, so feel free to start planning on who you'll send them to NEXT year, or use them for other sordid holidays. You are young and wise! You'll figure it out. Find the whole collection here.

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