Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I *just* finished putting together an audio-zine, titled "Stories."

I asked 12 friends to tell me a true story from their lives, and asked if I could record them telling it. Everyone obliged, because friends are great like that. I also told one, myself.

The result is a cassette tape (running 98 mins) with the stories on it, and an accompanying zine with portraits I took of all the storytellers with 120mm film on the day of their recording.

There are stories about ballet teachers, jail time, rabies shots, bad parenting, paranormal experiences, tour escapades, dance contests, and more. I think it's a really great collection! It's sort of like an audio book: perfect for car rides, a day inside, a stroll with your walk(wo)man, etc.

It's in a limited edition of 50 tapes, & I hand-stamped 'em all. Supercrush tapes duplicated them.

I recorded a 4-song e.p. with my friend Sarah last week. I play drums in this project, and Sarah sings and plays guitar. Our friend Matt Ross recorded and mixed it, and added cello. 

You can listen to it here:

We're planning on making tapes as soon as our lives calm down a little bit, and as soon as we can decide the proper pastel tape color.

Sarah made a mini-zine to accompany it, filled with some of her amazing watercolor paintings, and linking to the e.p.

I'll have these zines with me at Chicago Zine Fest, too.

I have an art show coming up at Team Love Ravenhouse gallery. The opening is on Monday, March 18th, from 6-8pm. The show is featuring work from both me and friend/super-woman Jacinta Bunnell. I'll be showing master pages and sketches from my past zines, as a way to sort of illuminate the multi-medium process and cut-and-paste nature of zine-making. Helen Money is playing the opening, and she's an incredibly rad cellist, so the night should be pretty dang great!

I'm also reading at Inquiring Minds Bookstore with Jacinta (and Nicole J. Georges & Cassie J. Sneider) the Thursday before, March 14th, at 7pm.

Tomorrow I head out for Chicago: I'm reading on Friday night at 826CHI, come at 6pm for the youth reading before the exhibitor one! On Saturday I'm tabling all day from 11-6 at the Conaway Center at Columbia. If you're in the area, come look at, like, 200 tablers and their wares! It's going to be so great! There's sweet zine stuff happening all weekend! Mostly, please come eat Sultan's falafel with me! Then, listen to me rant about how much I love the bean! I can be very predictable.

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