Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I just finished a collection of songs as "guilt mountain," a band that is only me and my misguided recording techniques. 

It includes all the obligatory junk you've come to expect of songs cooked up from bedroom recordings: one gratuitous pick slide, one voicemail track, one song about the weird ice formation that hung off the side of our house for a week. Typical. You can listen to these scrappy lil dudes at Ideal for headphones, but, like, c'mon. No one's gonna do that.

"Album" "art" inspired by Metallica and the arm cast of days past. One in the same, really.

I am teaching a class this fall for the Lifetime Learning Institute on the SUNY New Paltz campus! It's on the craft of non-fiction and the memoir. I've been working on the reading list and curriculum, and I think it's going to be really great! We'll be reading selections from different memoirs, and work on writing and workshopping our own pieces. Get everyone way stoked on writing about their lives, get everyone to read bell hooks & Kate Millett & so on & so forth, get everyone to tell each other their secrets & wacky off-color deep dark feelings. I've got high hopes.

photo by Shauna Roloff
Go Ogres played a show at Angry Mom Records on this year's infamous & blessed holiday of Record Store Day. It was fun! They traded us records for playing! I am a curmudgeon who was very excited about that! Here's a video.

Behold, the 2013 Muffin Subscription varieties, in weird stitched-grid visual representation. 

March's muffin was of the carrot spice persuasion, and April's was strawberry lemon. They're full of gluten, so I didn't eat any, but I heard they were pretty darn good. Baking, right? Muffins, right?

Nick & I have been making our own (soy) yogurt, because: WHY HAVEN'T WE BEEN DOING THIS, ALWAYS? Geez. I feel like I've wasted so much time! Well, look. Yogurt!

It seems that all I talk about these days is yogurt. Glorious yogurt. 

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  1. Just finished listening to the Guilt Mountain album, which I discovered from a link on Jordaan Mason & Horse Museum's bandcamp page. It was a wonderful listen. I very much enjoyed it, thanks for sharing it.