Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lagusta commissioned me to make a banner to celebrate the chocolate shop's 2-year anniversary. I did it in a week (personal challenge! many hours with a rotary cutter at the sewing machine!) and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I used the familiar teal & brown color combo in some nice florals, hand-cut the letters & pennants, and voila. 

Celebration banner. I cut out all the numbers, 1-10, so it can be modified every year until the fiery end of time. 

I am playing a show at the end of the month as Guilt Mountain. It's at BSP in Kingston on the 30th! I'm playing at 10pm. Come if you wanna make me hella nervous. Come if you want to heckle me in public. Come if you wanna throw stuff at me. Just make it soft and/or useful, okay? My friend Matt will be playing drums with me, which is pretty exciting. Don't throw anything at him, please. Thanks, buds.

I went up to Montreal for a week a month ago to see friends, but also got to practice with Sarah. We worked on a pop song that is a far cry from the stuff we recorded in February (mood-swings.bandcamp.com), but is so incredibly fun. I can't wait for the day I can share that with y'all.

So, I made these Fleetwood Mac back patches, like I've been threatening to do for years now. A bunch of summers back, I made myself a stencil of this, and made one shirt, sort of as a cathartic souvineer of a stupid breakup, and also as a salute to a band I was listening to too much. Since then, I have gotten lots of positive feedback (largely from middle aged women), and decided to make them for everybody. You can buy em at teamkate.storenvy.com, or send a trade or a few bucks to my p.o. box, with a note saying what color combo you want (full color list is on storenvy site) Brown florals are all sold out, but everything else is fair game.

The patches, as well as copies of my latest two personal zines, and the games zine are now available at Have Company, a storefront my friend Marlee Grace just opened up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It looks like a total dreamboat of a shop, and I'm so glad to have my stuff there.

Klessa was supposed to play this year's Thing in The Spring in New Hampshire, but we decided to cancel and minimize the stress on all of us to practice and travel and play, etc. Instead we got together in Ithaca for a weekend and swam (for fun) and hugged (for fun) and practiced (for fun.) It was great.

I made this flyer in hopes of finding a lost bathing suit. 

That is all.

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