Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Go Ogres recorded two songs at Pyramid Studios in Ithaca. It was a good time / the studio had a lounge with a Nintendo in it so, like, you know, we were set. The songs will be on a 7" eventually. Working titles: "Bleach," "Nevermind," "In Utero," "Wife Songs."

We're playing in Ithaca on February 21st at Just Be Cause for Red Sled Choir's CD release show! It's gonna be the best thing that's ever happened to anyone. Exaggerations aside, it's gonna be real nice.

I played last weekend at The Team Love Ravenhouse with some cool cats.

I played a show a couple of weeks ago and projected "spider-man 2" behind me during the set. Cross it off the bucket list, I can die happy, etc.

Other show things happened too, one of them might have been on a local pirate ship made completely of grime.

Another one might be able to be boiled down to me butchering a Liz Phair song in front of a room full of Liz Phair fans. Oh well / no problem / YOLO?

I have a song on the new boytears compilation. You can listen to it here: http://boytears.bandcamp.com/track/south
The rest of the comp is rad as heck, so listen to the whole dang thing while you're there.

I made more guilt mountain tapes! This batch has an embossed O-card, so these little buddies look extra gaudy. Get em on the bandcamp if you want one.

I finished teaching a course this fall on nonfiction and the memoir! It was really great. Here's a shot of the rough curriculum:

& I'm forever trying to keep up with shipping to distros and stores. Trying

So, zines are now in stock in some new places: Stranger Danger distro in Chicago, Cindy Crabb's distro in Athens, Sleeping Creatures Distro in Brooklyn, and re-stocked at Portland Button Works in Portland, Bluestockings in NYC and In Other Words in Portland. Guilt Mountain tapes are now in stock with Pansy Twist Distro based out of Toronto.

Some people reviewed zines! How nice. Here: a write-up on no better than apples #8, and a review of #9.

I'll be tabling at this year's Chicago Zine Fest in March! I'm currently underway on work on a new zine, aiming to have it ready for then. Fingers crossed, sometimes these sorts of things care little for deadlines. Alas. I'll see you there, right? Oh, good.

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