Monday, June 16, 2014

i'm going on tour starting tomorrow with the best people on the planet, no lie. jordaan, sarah, and i will be these places:

06/17 - nick and cheryl’s house, rochester, ny

06/18 - steve’s house, ithaca, ny 

06/19 - the pallas theatre, pittsburgh, pa

06/20 - the foxhole, baltimore, md

06/21 - random tea house, philadelphia, pa

06/22 - the vandal house (52 new street), newark, nj

06/23 - starship, worcester, ma

06/25 - crackskulls, newmarket, nh

06/26 - eggyworld (#333 in the paragon building), easthampton, ma

06/28 - team love (11 church street), new paltz, ny

06/29 - TBA, new york, ny

06/30 - three sheets, new haven, ct

come see us if you're around any of these spots! i'm hoping to see a hundred old friends and make a hundred new ones.

i just finished a new tape! it's called "hey witch" and you can listen to it/order it/download it (zero dollars, babes) on the bandcamp, or find me out there in the world & get one. they are so blue and so nice. 

tapes of jordaan's cover record: complete with robyn & third eye blind & bjork oh my
i've been glued to the duplicator this past week, but there are good things to show for it!

new run of story zines: now they're gold! i'll have these with me on tour and will put them online for sale when i return. the last ones were just loose cassettes bundled with the zine, but these ones are in poly cases, so they're a little bit safer/less likely to get loose and cause trouble.

mood swings has tapes now, too. they're pink and come with a full-color zine of sarah's watercolors. 

i made a new run of "tiger hour" tapes, too.

guilt mtn pins for your floral denim jacket? okay!

zines (issues 9 & 10) are now back in stock in the following places:

quimby's, have company, elation press distro, pressed zine rack, bluestockings, inquiring minds, team love ravenhouse, twelve oh two distro, cindy crabb's distro, stranger danger distro, food for thought, and copies are now in the papercut zine library

cynthia at le sigh reviewed my latest zine here!

see y'all out in this weird world.

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