Monday, June 22, 2015

I just finished a new issue of no better than apples! It's about a lot of things from my past year of livin', (dealing with chronic illness in my family and myself, touring, the enthralling world of opposite side street parking in cities, fires and bulldozing, self-injection anxiety, healing through metallica, etc). You can order it online or send a few bucks or a nice trade to my p.o. box: kate larson \ p.o. box 1250 \ new paltz, ny 12561.

I'm slowly stocking up stores and distros with it and you can currently find it at Inquiring Minds in New Paltz, Doris distro based out of Athens, Ohio, Boxcar Books in Bloomington, IN, and Bluestockings in NYC. If you're interested in wholesale-ing it with me, get in touch!

I tabled at Chicago Zine Fest, which is always the most overwhelming and the best and the biggest thing in this tiny zine world. I saw a lot of good people and got a lot of good zines, but most importantly, I ate a couple of good arepas at my table (hallmark of a nice time).

I'm playing a show next week w. Guilt Mountain in Kingston at Rocket Number Nine Record Store with Izzy True & PWR BTTM. Gonna be as "cool" and "rockin'" as all the rumors say.

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