Saturday, September 5, 2015

I just got back from a 3-week residency in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Supported by the Ink Storm \ Anchor Archive \ Sad Rad collectives, my time was spent working on a new zine & new recordings, exploring Halifax, and meeting some really amazing people.

I played a show\did a reading to celebrate the end of my residency, and silkscreened posters for it. Good friend Dee (Ephemerus, The Bloodwashed Band) played a solo set, new friend Tzomi played, and the lava lamp was in top form the entire night. 

The project I finished is a bundle with a personal zine and a 26-minute tape of recordings. The zine cover and the tape are both silkscreened and the project is in a numbered and limited edition of 100. Intended to be read & listened to at the same time, but do what you feel is right.(Always.) You can order it here if you want it! Also, Team Love has a few copies if you're in New Paltz!

I gave an artist talk & performance sponsored by Visual Arts Nova Scotia at the Deanery in Lower Ships Harbour, Nova Scotia, during my time there, too!

I play drums in a new band (REAL THINGS) with my friends Jeff and Tara! We just recorded an EP with Matt, and you can listen to it here:

I'm playing a show with Guilt Mountain (full band, which means me & Matt!) in a few weeks: Thursday, September 17th at BSP. Playing with Adult Mom, it's gonna be awesome. BSP is doing some ridiculous shows this month. Check out the list above!

I have a new track on a split tape that just came out from Team Love & Sexx Tapes (UK). The Team Love side is all New Paltz bands: Fraternal Twin, Quarterbacks, Pecas, & Guilt Mountain, and the other side is 4 bands from the UK label. You can listen to the songs and\or order the tape here:

Played a show with Izzy True & PWR BTTM in July at Rocket Number Nine Records in Kingston. It was great & those bands are really really doing things right. I'm so happy to have played with them.

& You can now get issues of no better than apples #9, #10, and #11 with Stranger Danger Distro, based out of Chicago. 

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