Thursday, February 25, 2016

I played a solo guilt mountain last week in New Paltz with Emperor X, an all-time 100% favorite musician of mine. It was real fun.

photo by June
& I'm playing another set at Space Mountain on April 16th.

I finally silkscreened more "YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY" patches! You can get em here: or as always, send me something cool in my p.o. box as a trade.

photo by Morgan
I played a bunch of shows with Real Things in the fall! Played one last week at Present Company Gallery in Brooklyn. Got to play a few songs with Sarah, too, which is the best gift a human could ever be given.
photo by jeff

A live woodstove fire in the room was projected onto the wall the whole time = an opportunity for me to make "feelin the bern" jokes every other minute.

Real Things is playing a bunch of shows coming up, too!

February 27 @ Snugs in New Paltz, NY with Los Doggies
March 2 @ Palisades in Brooklyn, NY with Spit, Cutting Board, and Rye Pines
April 2 @ Harry's Hot Sandwiches in Beacon, NY with Blue Museum
April 9 @ Spark Art Space in Syracuse, NY with Izzy True, Painted Zeroes, The Nudes, Crusher

We made tapes, too! We'll have em at shows if we remember to bring them to the show! This is how it goes! Cruel reality!

photo by Bon
The deadline for applications for the Halifax Radstorm residency is closing in! Broken Pencil asked me a few questions about my experience doing the residency, and wrote up a short thing to remind everyone to go submit an application! Do it!

I have a *~previously unreleased~* song on this tape, sides split between the locals (new paltz, team love <3 label), and the kids across the ocean (margate, kent, UK, sexx tapes label). The tape looks great alongside a late season sunflower, but that was pretty much what we all expected.

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