Sunday, June 19, 2016

I made a single one of these mugs a few years ago, ordered custom off some weird internet site in the middle of the night out of rage at what a close friend was currently dealing with. Seeing her deal with abuse and trying my best to support her through it and thinking too much about the way things often seem to work in our communities, I ordered one out of passive aggression, I guess. Obviously, a mug won't change things, but it felt cathartic, as much as a mug can. I just made a bunch more, to spread around the message: take care of yourselves, your friends, and your communities. Support each other. Fight the good fight in a world that seems to be increasingly scary and dangerous for a lot of us.

So, I made a million of them to spread around the world. They're USA made, more solid & sturdy than you can believe. A solid lb. each. Feels great in your hand. You can get one here:

For the next few weeks I'll be donating 100% of any online sales of any of my things to the Pulse Victims Fund of Orlando. Consider giving money if you are in a financial situation which allows for it. There is so much that needs to happen in the wake of the shooting, but a necessary and feasible thing for right now is donating money where it is very much needed. Also, keep dialogue open about it. Check in with your friends. Ask what you can do. Talk about why this happened, what it means, how it makes you feel. Grieve and question and be critical of our world. Listen to each other. It's hard to keep processing something so tremendous and painful, but we need to. Even though it hurts.

Zines have been restocked at Quimby's, Inquiring Minds, and Bluestockings. Zines AND Fleetwood patches are restocked at Have Company.

Issue 8 of no better than apples is back up for sale online! Thought I had lost the master pages years ago, but uncovered them recently. It covers all sorts of stuff from 2012: familial death and illness, personal illness, teaching at willie mae rock camp for girls, touring, all sorts of life changes, and kind of just musing on a million different things. Text heavy! Pretty thick zine. You can get it here:

photo by Krystal Cannon

I played a solo guilt mountain set in Ithaca a few weekends ago. I also contributed a *new* track to this Sundress Records compilation! Check it out, there's a lot of really rad songs \ artists on it!

Played some shows recently with Real Things: NYC @ Palisades and Shea Stadium, on SUNY New Paltz campus.

I booked a show last weekend and drew a flyer up for it. I didn't play the show, but I'm sharing it here for productivity's sake, because drawing roses for hours felt like the best way to spend my time. Highly recommended to all. It's flower season & I'm elated. & The show was so great. Looking forward to putting more together for the Commissary space in the coming months!

I built a zine library in the new cafe in New Paltz! Lagusta's Luscious Commissary, there's a standing locker full of my personal collection of zines for in-house browsing. I'm doing write-ups on featured zines of the week, and trying to foster the small zine scene we have in this tiny town. 

I played drums on a couple of tracks on S.ayton's new tape! These songs are everything I needed lately, and I feel very very honored to be involved with them even in the slightest bit. They're all I listen to anymore, Sarah is brilliant. Listen to the whole tape here:


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