Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I'm playing the Thing in the Spring this year! So excited to go to Peterborough for a weekend and be a part of that world. There are about 40 bands playing different shows over a few days, as well as an arts fair, a reading series, a film series, exhibits, etc. It's a dream! 

I'm playing at BSP in Kingston on March 31 with Laura Stevenson, which is also going to be a really great show. 

Did some work at Salvation Recording Co. for new guilt mountain songs last month! It feels pretty exciting. I'll share more info when I've got it.

Made these "queer erasure" pins for the folks out there who vibe with that kind of message. (a brief treatise: pins to blatantly address the constant erasure of queerness in our society by assumed heteronormative narratives, and often, by our own doing. Safety through assimilation, the myriad of ways that queerness is still only accepted when it appears "harmless" or doesn't appear at all. I could go on for a long long time!) Find me in person & toss me a quarter if you want one.

photo by John Craddock

Played a lot of shows over the last bunch of months since I've updated this! Shipped a lot of mugs (donated a lot of $ from the profits to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and the Southern Poverty Law Center!), mailed a lot of zines, did some readings, tried to keep many plants alive and failed miserably, sighed a decent amount.

Photo by Tara Pelletier
Photo by DMNDR
photo by Phil McAndrew
photo by Marissa Carroll

& I drew a lot of flyers for shows I booked at Commissary! Here's those lil guys.