Monday, August 21, 2017

photo by Tara Pelletier
Hey look, I have a new tape out on Team Love Records! 

It's called "rare energy" and here's some stuff people are saying: Gold Flake PaintThe Grey EstatesBank Robber MusicSpace Race! You can listen to it on spotify or apple music or itunes or amazon or pretty much everywhere? Get a tape or a digital download at:! So very proudly repping the bouquet emoji on that tape imprint.

I'm going on a little tour next week with my favorite gemini on this planet, S.Ayton. Here's where we'll be:

8/26: commissary (new paltz, ny) with adult mom, s.ayton
8/27: LAVA space (philadelphia, pa) with maryn jones, the goodbye party, s.ayton
8/28: spit house (syracuse, ny) with calm coffins, s.ayton
8/29: williamson park (toronto, ontario) with ylang ylang, charles spearin, s.ayton
8/30: doors pub (hamilton, ontario) with rooms, max the lesser, s.ayton
9/1: studio boobz (montreal, quebec) with s.ayton

I made shirts inspired by a plastic bag I feel deeply connected to. Sarah did the illustration for me, and I silkscreened them! You can order one HERE!

I played a bunch of shows since I last updated this thing! Here's some nice photographic proof. :)

photo by Jon Sandin
photo by Elisabeth Fuschia
photo by Joseph Wright
Also since I last updated, I sold out of "Kill Your Local Misogynist" mugs & got to donate lots of $$$ to great organizations, came within feet of most of my favorite drag queens in L.A., was re-tweeted by Lorde, and played "Hey Jealousy" at a show. The most pertinent updates, only. Godspeed.